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Estate Planning and Elder Care Mediation

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Family conversations about elder care, estate administration and estate planning are among the most difficult we can have. We understand that.

Sometimes siblings and family members do not get along or are far away from mom and dad. One person may be left to handle memory care or in-home care for a parent or parents. What if mom or dad are diagnosed with dementia and now you are looking for memory care communities?

When one or more people have been named trustees of an estate and the rest of the family wants to know what’s going on, it can be hard to manage it all. Or, maybe you are working with a professional fiduciary and it is hard to figure out exactly what they are doing or what their responsibilities and duties are.

Are You Facing an Issue About Estate Administration, Estate Planning or Elder Care?

If you are facing an issue regarding elder care, estate administration or estate planning, Russell Mediations is here for you. So many people do not have an estate plan, or even a will for that matter. What if you have no clue where all the assets are when a parent dies? What if you are left handling the estate administration on your own and your family does not communicate well?

Estate administration, elder care and estate planning are exactly the conversations families need to have with one another to be proactive before someone dies There is nothing worse than trying to sort out an estate when there is no plan for the estate or elder care and you are left making decisions in the middle of a crisis.

We are here for you. Having been through the difficult family conversations when her own father died and her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Karen Russell understands your grief and stress.

She will work with you, not just to facilitate and mediate conversations with your family, but to guide you through what you need to do for your own estate attorney or your mom and dad’s estate attorney. She will take you and your family through the steps of estate administration and help you make good decisions when you are grieving.

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We understand how overwhelming these conversations can be, so make Russell Mediations a part of your team to help you and your family get through it together. Call us today at (408) 832-0012 or fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch with you soon.

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