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Getting Started

  • Call or e-mail for an appointment: The first step is taken when you, your spouse or other family member contact this office to request an initial appointment. We will then obtain some basic information and set an initial appointment. Please go to the “Appointment Options” link for more information in a divorce setting.

  • The initial appointment: We will describe the Mediation process, Karen’s style and how she works. You will have the opportunity to ask her any questions about the process and to interview her. In a divorce setting, if you have a long appointment and choose to begin mediation that day, we will discuss your situation, and then begin the process.

    You will be asked to sign the formal Agreement and Consent to Mediate which includes our fee requirements and will be sent to you before you begin mediation.

  • Outline goal and concerns: We will work on a preliminary outline of your goals and concerns. Although you might hope to begin work on specific issues immediately, it is important not to rush this preliminary stage; when you have a good sense of what you hope to accomplish and how to reach your goals, the specific issues are more likely to be resolved in a mutually satisfactory way. We may address immediate financial or parenting concerns at the first meeting in a divorce mediation.

  • Set future agenda: At the end of each mediation session, we will set the agenda for the next meeting and outline action items for everyone in order to be prepared for the next session. You will gather information between sessions as needed to prepare for the next session.

  • Draft the Agreement: Once you agree on all issues, in divorce matters, Karen will draft a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) incorporating these agreements in a form acceptable for inclusion in a Family Law Judgment. The completed Agreement will be signed by you and your spouse after your consulting attorney reviews it.

    In estate and business mediations, Karen will draft a memo of understanding for you to take to your estate and/or business attorney to incorporate into their work for you.

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