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Our San Jose mediator specializes in helping families resolve disputes throughout Santa Clara County. We help with issues involving:

Family disputes can happen from divorce or separation, the division of property when a loved one dies, or succession planning for a family-owned business. They are always personal and can be painful as well.

Add to that, the cost and stress of litigation in a public forum where such disputes can literally tear families apart. That’s why we at Russell Mediations neither allow nor advocate litigation as a solution.

Rather, our San Jose mediator seeks to create a supportive environment where we respect and value all parties. We ensure that everyone is heard. And we facilitate agreement that is often faster, at a lower cost, and without the public scrutiny that court intervention can bring.

Mediation Areas

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Divorce/Family Law

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Trusts and Estates

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Family-Owned Businesses

So, What Is Mediation Anyway?

Mediation is a voluntary process. It is entered into to resolve disagreements with the assistance of a trained neutral and objective professional.

When you and your family member have a legal problem, you can work together with a mediator. Our San Jose mediator will work with both of you to:

  • Gather and exchange information
  • Identify issues
  • Create solutions
  • Reach agreement on all relevant issues

You choose not to go to court in this process, but you do not give up your right to do so if mediation is not the process for you. Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Russell Mediations?

Karen Drury Russell is the founder of Russell Mediations. She is a licensed attorney and has been a mediator for over 25 years. She mediates in the facilitative style. The facilitative style is a unique blend of law, mediation and kitchen table common sense.

She uses communication techniques to help you feel heard and communicate effectively while guiding you through the mediation process. Karen creates an environment that is very relaxed. She works to help you feel welcome, safe and relaxed as well as you go through the mediation process.

In short, this is not your “typical lawyer” experience. Call us for a free 15-minute consultation and see for yourself if our San Jose mediator and Russell Mediations is right for you.

Karen believes that the law is not always the answer to a problem. Yes, she will explain the law to you when you need it. But, it is provided as information in your decision-making process. It is NOT a directive on how to handle things – an approach not all lawyer mediators would agree with. At the end of the day, we empower YOU to resolve your own family matters with our help and guidance.

Let’s face it, life is too short for resentment and discord. Some are afraid to reach out to heal old wounds or avoid fresh ones. Russell Mediations brings people together in a way that allows them to connect.

Russell Mediations has your back.


If you have questions about our mediation services, how mediation works or whether mediation is right for your situation, please contact us now for a free 15 minute phone appointment. We can then discuss the next steps we can take together.

(408) 832-0012


Our Mission is to provide you with the most caring, attentive and personalized care as you navigate through the most difficult times of your life. We make your world more peaceful, one conversation at a time.


Karen helped me get through a difficult divorce process by being very level headed, organized and supportive. I ended up getting exactly what I needed in the divorce proceedings and it was mostly due to her ability to negotiate and hold strong to the desired outcome. I am thankful to have found her to work with.

- K

Karen was invaluable during my divorce. She knew all the details of family law but she was also very effective at giving me context and support and direct feedback when I needed it.

- John

Karen did a fantastic job in representing me during my divorce. She was not only professional and on target, she was able to keep me from going to court. Karen’s direct yet nurturing manner is why I felt completely confident in her representation of me. I am very pleased with the outcome of my divorce, both financially and emotionally. Thank you, Karen!

- Karen


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